Cannabis helps me find balance in a troubled world, keeping my mind free of badness and stressful feelings. Physically, among others, empowers body immunity to diseases. It's the natural healing for millions of people for thousands of years all over the globe, what else could I say more than this fact? This is smaller text.


Cannabis for me is inspiration, brain food and healing. The holy herb helps and cures my body and my brain! Science has shown that CBD and THC slows growth of cancer cells and effects positively pain management. The use of cannabis has shown a strong therapeutic potential for the treatment of neuronal inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer. I do not need anything else to explore the benefits.


Cannabis, especially CBD because I have been abstaining from THC for the last three years, helps me to concentrate my thoughts and provides me with a proper direction in my daily life


Cannabis is there to help me when I'm looking for creative solutions during the music production and composition process. It opens my mind, puts me on paths that often lead to new ideas, and unexplored musical landscapes. It often pushes me to get out of the ordinary and create sounds and rhythms that under normal circumstances I would not even imagine that existed somewhere hidden in my imagination.


With cannabis all musicians enter an altered state of consciousness, a creative zone where you experience the sounds and see the melodies.


Cannabis burns the fats of the soul. She has thousands of beneficial properties and regains the place she deserves after a century of exclusion and demonization. Her proper use helps us to get in contact with our forgotten self, something necessary in the flashy modern world. On a personal level, cannabis and its ingredients provide a protection shield against thousands of poisons. It’s the healing of the nation.

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